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3 Jan

Another Year To Be On The Road

January is here, yet another month to make plans for your year’s travel schedule. And for those of us with a few coins still in the account, to go on a very cheap mini-vacation. Oh, Happy New Year guys. Hope your holidays were merry and you crossed over in one piece. Where did you travel to? How was your stay? Kindly share with the rest of us.

2017 wasn’t the best of years in terms of travelling for most of us. There were a lot of uncertainties which most of the not-seasoned travelers gave as excuses to not travel. 2018, however, looks to be very promising. A lot of guys look to be very optimistic of traveling this year to new destinations and explore Kenya more. It’s January though, so I can’t trust any of you yet. Hahaha!

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People: Tag people you’d like to travel with

via @njooro

— FunTravel Kenya (@funtravelke) January 3, 2018

All in all, let’s hope most of us get on the road and experience Kenya. Those of us in the business of organizing, get new experiences to sell to enthusiasts and together make 2018 a traveling year.

And while at it, what’s your 2018 bucket list? Share using #BucketList2018

Since I’ve ticked ziplining from my bucket list, my #Bucketlist2018

Probably snorkelling, Paragliding, or White water rafting..

Also visit different places like Sagana, Turkana, snorkel in Watamu

But I don’t have anyone daring enough to do this with😥

— Vionna (@Kurlycheeks) December 31, 2017


Experiences: Magadi – Mara trek, Camping, Rafting, Snorkeling, Cultural festival

Destinations: Kalacha, Watamu, Homabay, Amboseli

Squad: Thinkers, talkers, readers,jokers, storytellers cc @Owaahh @muniu @MissBiskweet @PNyaikamba @dnahinga @danaceda @amisij

— In Wander We Lust (@njooro) December 31, 2017

Share your #Bucketlist2018

Experiences: Bush Fine Dining, Flight & Road Trip

Destinations: Sagana, Marsabit

People I like to travel with: @kenya_tweets @VinieO @potentash @Mwirigi

— Wheelpower 🇰🇪✊🏾 (@shecyclesnbi) December 31, 2017

1. Diani – Skydiving
2. Sagana – White water rafting
3. Mara – Just never been
4. Kimende – Zip-lining
5. Hand gliding – Any ideas?
6. Mount Kenya Safari Club – Nostalgic Luxury.@Kurlycheeks 😃#TurnUpTravel #BucketList2018

— Naisenya (@Naisenya) December 31, 2017


Join Annita, our trusted Mt. Kenya hiker, for these January & February trips. You can contact her for more details.

Heeeeeey guys 😀😀😀😀 here is the calendar for trips for Jan and Feb. Full details will be up by tomorrow for each trip. 😊😊😊

— Miss Babes (@Annitajoe1) December 29, 2017

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